University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Collaborative Design Group designed the renovation of the first floor of the historic Lind Hall for the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota. The project included adapting the floor for a new Student Welcome Center and offices for the Student Services Department. Structural repairs and the complete replacement of all mechanical and electrical infrastructure and windows were included. Student lounges and corridor areas include interactive flat panel TVs that provide information on the College and current CSE events.

A Starbucks Coffee Shop was integrated into the student lounges off the main central corridor. Office spaces were also provided for the undergraduate Academic Advising group, the Career Center, and engineering student organizations. Corporate interview rooms for graduating seniors and a computer classroom were located on the lower level. Historic millwork elements were also salvaged and reused as a reminder of the building’s ‘Main Engineering’ past. Technology was skillfully introduced into the historic Taylor Center library by replacing static student study areas with computer workstations and wiring existing library tables for data and power, resulting in an active computer study area for 70 students.

Lind Hall is one of over 100 projects CDG has completed at the University of Minnesota.