Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

The Jeremiah Program is a multifaith-based organization whose mission is to provide supportive housing and services to low income single mothers and their children. The Program is committed to developing self-reliance amongst its participants by creating a safe and affordable environment in which they can complete their education, develop self-empowerment skills through on-campus mentorship and coaching, and provide child development services in the campus’s full-service daycare program.

CDG designed two buildings for the Jeremiah Program. The first, located in Minneapolis, is a four-story, wood framed building with 39 apartments. The community space, special play areas, central laundry room, multi-purpose areas, and Hands to Heart child education center are specifically designed for parents with small children. The St. Paul location is a three-story development with two floors of 2- and 3-bedroom units over a first floor that includes classrooms and supportive services, a child development center and daycare, a community center for volunteer functions, facility management offices, and underground parking for residents.