Carleton College | Northfield, Minnesota

Collaborative Design Group’s work in Carleton College’s Gould Library has spanned multiple individual projects. A pre-design was completed to assess the library’s space needs and address the evolution of modern library space. The objective of the study was to convert designated areas of the existing, traditional style layout into a more modern use of space based on our research of current trends and how today’s student populations use libraries. CDG designed the subsequent remodel of the space to relocate the Writing Center to the main level (4th floor) to allow for more accessible and convenient interaction between students and staff. Restrooms were added, staff offices and conference rooms were updated, and the Rookery and archives were relocated to better utilize space on the main floor. The remodel achieved the goals of making a more welcoming entry to the library and providing different types of student study spaces.

Additional projects have served to preserve the building. CDG assesses the building envelope each year as part of our annual campus exterior master plan and provided design and construction administration for a complete roof replacement, as well as masonry and window repairs.

Gould Library is one of over 100 projects CDG has completed at Carleton College.